Enhance Efficiency with Digital Twin Collaboration between Design and Execution Teams

Twin Infra is a Digital Twin platform that reduces cost and time overruns by 15% by managing design and construction phases of Building, Infrastructure, Roads, Railways, Plant, and EPC Projects. 

Design Engineering

Manage delivery of design and engineering documentation driven by Autodesk Vault as the core Data management module.

Construction and Execution

Minimise errors and wastage with RFI, Issues, Punch lists and Execution planning connected to field and design office.

SaaS on cloud or on-Premises

Twin Infra works the way you want on any device from your own server or from a hosted cloud. Compliant with security and authentication features.

Welcome To Twin Infra - Digtal Twin

A Digital Twin Platform to improve timeliness and reduce cost overruns in your construction projects. 

Twin Infra is is a complete IT solution for the Construction/Infrastructure industry based on the concept of “Digital Twin.” The Twin Infra module is an integrated cloud platform to manage data models, people, process, and assets throughout the lifecycle of a construction project. The Twin Infra module has predictive analytic features to anticipate and forecast in all the stages of Construction/Infra. It works on public, private, and virtual cloud infrastructure and uses Artificial Intelligence for operational insights and efficiency. 

Dgital Twin

Complete Building Lifecycle Management

Manage your Projects from Design to Handover in a single platform. The software implements digital twin technology in construction management and provides in construction starting from design development and execution to commissioning and building maintenance / management.

With Machine learning and artificial intelligence, the software synchronises the information online there by making it more reliable for all scale of construction projects ranging from medium sized basic project to large sized complex capital projects.

Also, Twin infra connects the project information and workflows across all team members in real time, from office to field, by access to project documents including drawings, progress & financial reports in 3D, RFIs, transmittals, schedule, and approvals. The software helps in increasing the profitable of organization by effective project control and improved decision making with real time data interface. 

Product Modules


Plan, Schedule, Track and Review in 3D

Seamlessly Collaboration with Digital Twin-Enhanced Construction Management Software, Connecting Critical Workflows. 

Visualize In 3D

3D Dashboards Embedding In Your Models Instead Of Charts & Graphs

The unique feature of the software is it integrates 3D model od building with the progress (Gantt Chart) together with project budget (BOQS). After synchronizing the data, it generates a real time Progress reports along with the cost analysis, indicating the percentage completed and planned completion, sequentially with different colour codes. This enables the team to understand the realistic project development at field and support them in making prompt decisions. 

Collaborative Design

Design Data Management

Design management integrates the design and construction of project. Salient feature of the Twin Infra is that the complete list of drawings required and delivery of the same is scheduled according to the Gantt chart and delivery of the same, incorporating the changes and RFIs, are tracked along with project schedule and task management. After final development of design and drawings the progress is tracked in impressive 3D views. 

Our Solutions

Simplify Work Processes with Integrated Digital Twin Solutions for Effortless Construction Management.

Design Project Management

Minimize risks and unexpected costs and ensure your vision comes to life with designs that easily support BIM workflows.

Construction Project Management

Connect and synchronize teams across the project lifecycle with scheduling, project controls, and collaboration.

Digital Construction Platform

Seamlessly connect the office to the field and easily manage design data and technology assets across project sites, connect with us.

Are You Game To Save on Cost and Time overruns?

Connect workflows, teams, and data at every stage of construction. Bring every project team together from design to turnover on a single construction management software solution. Connect workflows and collaborate securely from a single source of truth. 

Primary Features

“Effortless Collaboration with Digital Twin-Enabled Construction Management Software, Connecting Critical Workflows.”

Organization-wide Dashboards

Customization Dashboards for all activities of the project. 

Design Documentation Tracking

Robust Document and Drawing management system powered by Autodesk Vault. 

Collaboration inside and outside

Collaborate on any device from office, field or the boardroom. 

Global View

Monitor, track and update projects from across multiple locations. 

RFI and Issue management

Create, review and approve RFIs and Issues across the project at Design, Execution and Handover stage. 


What Our Clients Are Saying

Twin Infra brings the best of the features of Design Data Management, Project Management, Field Progress tracking, Digital Twin Technology and Predictive Project optimization on a single platform


Frequently Asked Questions About Project Management. 

The Twin Infra project management module is directly linked to the field data and uses AI/ML to predict potential bottlenecks, delays, long lead purchases and pre-emptive actions to warn you ahead. By avoiding delayed procurement, reducing costs linked with accurate BOQ, reducing inventory excesses, you could save upto 10% of project costs. 

Twin Infra utilizes the power of MS Project to level and optimize your resources against tasks. These tasks are then linked to design documents or construction activities and presented as a GANTT. Twin Infra on the field, lets people, systems and sensors update status of work completion and lets you compare the Plan Vs Actual of the project progress. This will help you capture delays and time overruns at an early stage. 

A digital twin is a virtual representation of an object or system that spans its lifecycle from concept to retirement, manifesting as a Analytical / Digital or 3D model and is updated from real-time data fed by people, equipment or sensors to help in decision-making and optimization. 

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